First, you and one of our web technologists will have a “brainstorming” session to gain a basic understanding of your website needs.  This may be done one-on-one or by phone depending on your location.  We will discuss the purpose of your website, what goals you want to achieve, identify your targeted audience, and review the content you would like to see in your new site.   After this “brainstorming” session, we will begin our planning process, followed by designing, and then the actual development of your website. You will be able to monitor your site creation from start to finish via mock-ups or by limited access to the development server. It is very important for both you and our web technologist to communicate with each other throughout this whole process so we can deliver an end result above your expectations.  During this entire time, you will have access to see the progress of your site so you can give us any suggestions, changes, or corrections you would like to have done.
During this process, we will test the complete functionality of all forms, scripts and compatibility issues with different browsers.  This will ensure that your website can be viewed in the most recent web-browser versions, and we will cross-check with smartphones, tablets and large screen monitors to make sure your site is fully responsive to all new versions of web browsers and other devices.
Search Engine Optimization is very important to grow your business.  Even though you now have a website, we need to make sure visitors can find your website.  SEO will help your website to acquire higher ranking in search engines like Google and Yahoo.  SEO is a very complex subject, and it is important that we work together closely to make a big difference behind the scene.
Having a website is not enough to bring success to your business. It must be maintained on a regular basis and updated with new content regularly. Also, it is very important to monitor your website for security measures to prevent it from being defected, hacked, or taken down.  We can implement CMS (content management system) such as WordPress or Joomla to develop your website. CMS will give you the ability to personally edit and add new content in the content area of your website.  If you prefer to do this yourself, we will train you on how to do this.  Some people feel confident with doing their own website maintenance, such as adding or editing content.  This decision is up to you if you are comfortable doing this by yourself.  If you prefer us to maintain your site, we have several plans to choose from.  Plus, we do far more than just updating your site.   This will also allow you more time to focus on your business and prevent you from paying the higher hourly cost if something goes wrong with your website. These maintenance plans include, but are not limited to, performing software/ plugin updates, fixing broken links and error messages/ pages, adding or removing menus, SEO, providing traffic analytics and visitor details, scanning for security risks, regular backups and restoring services, fixing bug issues, etc.


1) Domain name:
The website name, such as www.yourwebsite.com, is called a domain name.  A domain name usually cost around $10 to $15 annually depending on where it is bought and tlds (top level domain such as .com, net, org etc.).

2) Web host:
When you have a website, it needs a place (server) to be kept. There are thousands of web hosting services available starting from free. It is very important to keep your website with a secure, trustworthy company and one that is also available to your customers 24/7.  Therefore, it is worth paying $20 to $30 per month for a good hosting provider so your site can be kept safe and secure, which will prevent additional costs if something happens later.

If you don’t already have a domain name, we are happy to help you purchase one.  For web hosting and maintenance, the decision is completely up to you whether to stay with us or to select a different source to host and maintain your website.  Just a side note:  Some of our maintenance plans come with a free domain name and free hosting.

Please feel free to ask us about these free services, as well as any other related questions, so you can have a good understanding of these services.  We want you to be happy with your new website, and we are happy to help you work through the whole process even if you use us only for building your website.

There are no hidden charges.  We charge for the website we build.  You decide whether or not  you want to purchase hosting and maintenance from us.  That’s all.   We do encourage you to keep all your website needs with us, because it is then easier for you to run your business smoothly while we take care of your website.